Works for Queensland projects now complete

14 Jul 2022 |

14 July 2022

Thanks to the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland program, critical ageing infrastructure issues across the region have been addressed through a funding bucket of $2,870,000.

While a handful of projects received extension approval through to 30 June 2022 due to the impacts of flood and other unforeseen circumstances, all projects for the program’s period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021 are now complete.

Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi said that receiving funding from the Queensland and Federal Governments is essential to address the region’s ageing infrastructure problem.

“The single biggest issue facing Southern Downs is our lack of financial sustainability and consequently not having the capacity to fund our ageing infrastructure – and the two issues are intrinsically connected,” Mayor Pennisi said.

“Southern Downs has nearly $1b worth of assets of which $500m are under the ground. We must focus the future on replacing and renewing assets, as well as provide infrastructure to make our communities livable and attractive.

“Southern Downs needs government investment in infrastructure that will boost the economy, keep our region moving forward and meet our community’s needs into the future.

“Receiving funds through the Works for Queensland program has enabled Council to deliver critical projects for our community that will improve overall liveability, provide safe and reliable places to conduct business and deliver improvements to community facilities.

“Furthermore, this funding is circulated through our community as many of these projects were either completed through the engagement of local businesses or Council teams, which provides an economic boost to the region.”

Council would like to thank the Queensland Government for this allocation and is grateful to be able to complete worthy projects. 

The following projects were proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland in association with Southern Downs Regional Council:


Completed components

Warwick Men's Shed and Warwick Woodcrafters Stage Two

New facilities constructed at Theo Cantor Park.

Warwick SES Relocation

A re-fit of the facilities located inside the building at Alice Street including a new concrete driveway and a dump ezy point outside the building.

Condamine River Walk Stage 2

Stage 2 of completing the Condamine River walkway with a concrete path.

Learn to Ride Park at Australian Park, Warwick

A 632m concrete pathway with twists and turns across simulated cattle grids, corrugations, a dry creek bed and railway crossing with road safety signs constructed.

Darcy Street, Stanthorpe Rehabilitation

The sealing of Darcy Street

Sealing Link Road (Brunckhorst Avenue-Wallangarra Road Rehabilitation)

A two stage project funded through two agencies and Council to seal Brunchkorst Avenue-Wallangarra Road.

Maryvale Town Centre Upgrade

  • Fencing of Maryvale Park.
  • The public carpark installed.
  • Drilling of the bore in the railway reserve.
  • The design of the pedestrian crossing between the pub and the park.
  • The design of the Maryvale Railway Reserve.
  • Windmill, tank stand and water tank installed.

Regional Parks Improvements (Allora)

Refurbishment of the Apex Park, Allora with the replacement of the deteriorated BBQ rotunda in conjunction with upgrades to the dump point location and septic system for community safety.

Warwick Laneway Public Art & Power Install

Three phase power installed at Warwick Town Hall to benefit future laneway events.

Four murals commissioned and completed at the walkway to Warwick Town Hall, the rear wall of the Warwick Twins Cinema, the rear wall of the Warwick Credit Union and the former Warwick State Emergency Service Building.

Leyburn Streetscape & Sprints Precinct Improvements

  • RV dump point installed
  • Installation of street trees along Warwick Street and MacIntyre Street
  • Leyburn Tennis Court Fence

Dalveen Reservoir Remediation Works

New reservoir constructed and installed along with the required pipework to ensure reliable supply of treated water. Fencing and hand rails were installed also for security improvements.

Rose City FM Relocation

A new building built at Queens Park.

Leyburn Toilets Showers Redevelopment

Toilet, shower block, and septic tank installed.

Warwick Bowls Club Recycled Water Connect

Connection to the Warwick Recycled Water Network was completed to decrease the environmental footprint by using recycled water instead of potable water.

Warwick Senior Citizens Shelter

A 10m long shelter running along the southern side of the facility on Albert Street, Warwick was installed.

Skate Park Repair and Improvements (Warwick and Stanthorpe)


1. Concrete works with barriers installed

2. Picnic table with seating

3. Shelter


1. Pathway access extended to skate park from picnic shelters

2. Picnic table with seating

3. Shelter upgrade

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