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Water Night: Do you accept the ‘One Bucket Challenge’?

16 October 2020

Southern Downs Regional Council is calling on the community to reflect on their daily water usage during the 2020 National Water Week to ensure there is enough water to meet our future needs.

Held every year in the third week of October, the theme for 2020 is “Reimagining our Water Future” and this should strike a chord with Southern Downs residents who have been on water restrictions for more than two years.  

A new initiative offered this year is Water Night on Thursday 22 October 2020. Council is encouraging residents to consider the challenge and use the equivalent of one bucket of water, no taps, no showers, and no running water between 5pm and 5am. To participate in the ‘One Bucket Challenge’, simply fill one standard bucket or 10 one-litre water bottles to keep your water allowance in.

Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi said that while the use of water for COVID-19 hygiene, drinking and religious reasons is not restricted, the challenge aims to highlight how often we unconsciously reach for the tap. 

“It’s very easy to reach for the tap when we need water, but have we considered the necessity and frequency? The Water Night challenge is a novel approach to remind us how we use water and help break the habit of unnecessarily on turning on tap,” Mayor Pennisi said.

“There is no question we are doing our best to reduce usage and conserve water as we grapple ongoing drought, and I applaud our residents and businesses for their efforts in rallying behind the region’s water restrictions. However, it is important we stay on top of our water usage as we continue to cart water to Stanthorpe and Extreme Level water restrictions still apply.

Water Night is an initiative of the Smart Approved Watermark – the one stop shop for Water Efficiency. Sign up today at and check out additional tips such as having tape or tea towels ready to cover your taps to remind you not to touch them.

Don’t forget that Council is seeking feedback on the current water restrictions as part of the preparation of a Drought Management Plan Residents, businesses and community groups are encouraged to provide feedback through a number of avenues – all of which comply with COVID-19 restrictions, such as an online survey, email and phone interviews. Submissions close on Sunday 25 October 2020. Visit for more information.

Extreme Level water restrictions of 120 litres per person per day currently apply to all treated town water supplies delivered to the household tap or supplied by a water carter. Water restrictions also extend to communities supplied drinking water by bores in Dalveen, Pratten and Leyburn.

Find out what Extreme Level water restrictions mean for you. For more information on water use, water saving tips and dam levels visit

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