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Application for Exemption - Water Conservation Measures

Where an exemption or amendment to water restrictions is sought, applicants shall apply for each individual property or circumstance.

An exemption application will only be considered where the property relies on water from the SDRC reticulated water supply network. This includes the supply of raw water and bulk water for domestic and household use.

Exemptions will be assessed based on the provisions of each level of Water Restrictions, taking into consideration:

  • Prevailing weather conditions
  • Water allocation available to Southern Downs Regional Council
  • Water demand and progressive annual consumption
  • The realistic needs of the customer applying for the exemption
  • Any special requirements of the customer applying for the exemption
  • Supporting evidence tendered in justification of the application
  • That the exemption is in the public interest

Should you wish to apply for an exemption, please complete the Application for Exemption or Amendment Form and return to Council.

Application for Exemption or Amendment Form (PDF 195.9KB)

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