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Supply of Bulk Water

During water restrictions, SDRC residents, who are not on the reticulated water supply, can purchase water from a water carrier or from a Council owned standpipe. Eligible residents can set up an Avdata account at the Council Administration Buildings located in Warwick and Stanthorpe. Water supplied for purchase from a water carrier or from a Council owned standpipe is sourced from SDRC drinking water supplies.


  • Warwick Standpipe: located on Wallace Street, Warwick (near the Guide Hut) 
    This facility has:
         - 1 x 80mm male camloc fitting (suitable for water carters) and 
         - 1 x 25mm male camloc fitting (suitable for filling pods)
  • Stanthorpe Standpipe: located on Mackenzie Street, Stanthorpe (near the Council Depot) 
    This facility has 
         - 1 x 75mm male camloc fitting (suitable for water carters) and 
         - 1 x 25mm tap fitting (suitable for filling pods) 

            No hoses are available at the site. Users will be required to bring either:
               - 1 x 75mm female camloc fitting and hose (water carters)
               - 1 x 25mm tap fitting and hose (pods)  

Hours of operation:

  • Water can be purchased by residential Avdata account holders from the standpipe.
  • Approved water carters and residential Avdata account holders will have 24 hour access to standpipes from Monday 30/9/19.


  • During current water restrictions, the amount of water that can be purchased from a standpipe, by an individual who is carting water for their own domestic use (e.g. using a 1000 litres tank), is limited to 2000 litres per week per household or 8000 litres per month.
  • Water purchased from the standpipe (private account or delivered by a water carter) is to be used for domestic purposes only. 
  • Water purchased from a water carter can only be delivered to a tank which is plumbed into a house for domestic use.
  • SDRC drinking water (purchased from a water carrier or a standpipe) is not to be used for irrigation, agriculture or for watering livestock. 
  • To assist in monitoring usage, each household is to have their own Avdata account. Details of bulk water delivered by water carters will be provided to Council on a weekly basis. 
  • If a customer is to purchase water from a water carrier they are limited to 2000 litres per week. For example, if they have 16,000 litres delivered, they are not able to request another delivery for 2 months.

Avdata Keys

  • Eligible residents can purchase an Avdata key from Council Administration Buildings located in Warwick and Stanthorpe. 
  • Customers are required to pay a bond of $167 which is refundable upon the return of the key. 
  • When setting up an account the resident will need to provide their Drivers Licence as well as the registration number, make and model of their vehicle. 
  • Upon application, household addresses will be checked to ensure applicants are not on the SDRC reticulated water supply. 
  • Contact phone numbers and email addresses are to be provided where possible. 
  • Upon receipt of payment, access to the standpipe is available immediately. 

Additional Notes:

  • Residents who are on Council’s reticulated water supply are not eligible to purchase an Avdata key. 
  • Customers are responsible for their keys and their accounts. 
  • Water purchased is monitored by Council. If water limits are exceeded, this may result in a fine being issued to the account holder or the household receiving the water.
  • Should the approved water amount of 2000 litres be changed, each Avdata account holder will be notified via email or phone call. 

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