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Approved Water Carters

Approved carriers of drinking water and stock water

These water carters are approved to cart SDRC drinking water supplies to SDRC residents.  Residents are encouraged to contact carters directly to confirm pricing, timeframes and water volumes.

Drinking Water Carriers

Northern Water Carriers

Business Contact Phone no
 Vital Water Service Darryl Wiggins 0417 496 989
 WT Hancock Wade Hancock 0418 761 941

Granite Belt Water Carriers 

 Blue Topaz Caravan Park Brendan Roberts 4683 5279
 R & M Ricossa  Remo Ricossa 0413 837 418
 Old Dog Drinking Water Andrew Pearce 0437 735 710
 Lancuba's Fruit Mart John Lancuba 0428 718 311
 A & A Lofaro Transport Angela Lofaro 4683 5227
 Mr Terrence Duff Terrence Duff 0437 821 460
 Ms Sue Friend Sue Friend 0407 634 221


Non-potable carriers for stock water

Business Contact Phone no
BT & JA Tippers Brad Ryan 0427 134 216
FG Loy & Sons  John Loy 4667 1950 
Nathan Sweet Excavations  Nathan Sweet 0428 836 288
  Bob Dellar 0405 105 497
Stock water supply Lindsay Goodwin * 0402 071 374 
Stock water supply Tim Bonner ^ 0429 919 910

* Lindsay Goodwin is able to supply stock water in trucks from 4500 litres to 26,000 litres. Lindsay is located in Junabee and also offers the option for people to collect stock water in pods. 
^ Tim Bonner is based in the southern part of the Southern Downs. Tim delivers full loads only of 26,000 litres.

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