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Well constructed drivewayConstructing a driveway or vehicular crossing in urban, rural and commercial areas, is associated with building works and must be approved by Council.

Vehicular crossings associated with building works must be designed and constructed to ensure:

  • A safe and accessible footpath environment
  • Safe and unobstructed vehicular access to the property
  • No impact on Council’s stormwater drainage system
  • No damage to vehicle or road infrastructure
  • Minimal loss of on-street parking spaces, and
  • Continued amenity of the neighbourhood
It is an offence to park a vehicle on the footpath.  Police should be contacted if this occurs.

Process to Follow

You will need to do the following:

  1. complete the Application Minor Works - Works Within A Road Reserve (PDF 119KB) form, and
  2. lodge it with Council with appropriate fees (PDF 981.1KB).

A footpath is considered a road reserve, and as such, any works performed on it requires Council approval.

The driveway must be designed and constructed in accordance with Council’s relevant standard and it is the responsibility of the applicant/property owner to ensure compliance of the vehicular crossing.

The Vehicular Crossing Guide (PDF 4.5MB) provides information on those standards.




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