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Pest Management - Pest Animals

Pest animals cause a range of impacts to primary production, the environment and human health across the Southern Downs Region. Pest animals such as wild dogs, pigs and foxes attack and kill livestock, damage crops and infrastructure and can spread disease, while rabbits and deer also damage crops and infrastructure, compete with livestock for pasture and alter the composition of our biodiversity. Ongoing action is required from all land managers to reduce these impacts.

Landholder responsibilities

All landholders are required to control declared pest animals on their land, including private landholders, Council and State agencies such as Main Roads and Queensland Rail.

Declared animals

The most common declared pest animals in our region – wild dogs, pigs, foxes, rabbits, feral cats and deer – are declared under State legislation. The legislation charges Council with ensuring landholders fulfill their responsibilities for managing these and other pest animals.

Wild dog 3 Rabbit 01 feral cat 

 Feral fallow deer Feral pigs

See also the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries information on pest animals.

What assistance is available?

State Government restrictions prevent Council from providing baiting services in closely settled areas. Council pest management officers can provide locally relevant information to landholders on the most economical control methods for a range of pest animals.

Council has freezer / cold rooms in place in Warwick and Stanthorpe for storage of bulk meat bait material for 1080 baiting. Please contact Council to discuss storage of bait material.

Council has fox and feral cat traps available for hire at very reasonable rates. Please contact Council to hire traps.

I’ve seen declared pest animals. What do I do?

If you see a wild dog, please report the sighting to Council immediately.

If you have pest animals impacting on your property from adjacent land or are concerned pest animals are not being managed in an area, please report it to Council so action can be taken.

Where can I find information on identifying and controlling pest animals?

Experienced pest management officers are based in Council’s Warwick and Stanthorpe offices and are available to assist in the identification of pest animals. They can also provide advice on the most effective and economical control methods.

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