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1080 BaitingCouncil organises and carries out up to four coordinated 1080 baiting campaigns for wild dogs, feral pigs and foxes each year. The baiting service for landholders does not incur a cost and a great deal of effort is focused on achieving high participation rates amongst landholders.

Coordinated baiting with 1080 is the most economical way of achieving effective control of these pests across a large area. Non-participation by landholders in baiting programs is the biggest barrier to achieving effective control. If you or someone you know has pest animals but is reluctant to bait, please contact one of Council’s pest management officers to discuss steps that can be taken when baiting to reduce the risk of poisoning to domestic animals and non-target wildlife.

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries are no longer providing local governments with Sodium fluoroacetate (1080) concentrates for their baiting programs. Councils are now responsible for purchasing and managing 1080 products used in their baiting programs. Queensland Health introduced changes to the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and new regulations and departmental standards to manage the use of 1080. Please use the link below to access further information regarding the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and associated regulations and standards from the Queensland Health website.

From 27th September 2021 all landholders and/or their authorised representatives wanting to take part in Council’s coordinated baiting programs need to comply with the Departmental Standard -  Dealing with restricted S7 poisons for invasive animal control.

The Standard sets out the requirements for using 1080 baits to control vertebrate pests. Please ensure you download, read and understand the requirements for the use 1080 baits prior to participating in a coordinated baiting program. You or your authorised representative will be required to sign a deed poll acknowledging you have a copy of the Standard and will comply with the requirements of the Standard before receiving any 1080 baits.

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