Wandering & Stray Animals

Wandering & Stray animals

Council receives many complaints regarding wandering animals impacting neighbourhood harmony.

Wandering or Stray Pets

Dogs are required to be kept in a sufficient fence or enclosure and restrained on a lead at all times when taken for a walk outside their property. A dog or cat found wandering at large may be rescued and impounded, and only released after full payment of release fees. 

Cats must be controlled so as not to cause a nuisance on other people's property.  Traps are available for hire subject to strict guidelines upon request to Council.

I have found a stray pet...

Residents can impound animals found wandering on public places or on their own properties. Stray animals must be restrained by the finder of the animal and then contact Council to arrange the return of the animal to its owner OR collection for impoundment.

Please note that straying cats and dogs will not be collected by Council after hours.  There are self-impoundment boxes located at both the Stanthorpe and Warwick Pound Facilities where straying animals can be placed.  These boxes are open 24/7.

My pet has strayed...

If your cat or dog has strayed, it may have already been  impounded. Check the impounded page for updates, and contact Council as soon as possible. Council will keep your details on file in case your pet is found.

Livestock on Roads

Please call 13 19 40 in the first instance for all livestock on roads.

13 19 40 is a 24 hour phone number to report stock on roads. This is a service provided by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).  If required, TMR will contact Council to assist where the livestock are on Council controlled roads, or if Council's Animal Control Officers can be of assistance. 

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