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COVID-19 Restrictions at Warwick Saleyards

While there have been some additional easing in COVID-19 restrictions across the region following State and Federal Government advice, tight control measures will continue at the Warwick Saleyards for the foreseeable future to ensure the yard’s ongoing essential operation during the pandemic.

Southern Downs Regional Council would like to thank the livestock industry for their continued support and adherence to the safety measures during this time. The importance that the guidelines play in keeping the saleyards operational as an essential service for the region during COVID-19 cannot be under estimated.

 Social distancing is here to stay for the foreseeable future and will likely be the last measure lifted by Federal and State Governments. The confined buyers alleyways and catwalks make it extremely difficult to manage the social distancing requirements and hence the reason for restricting access to essential staff, permanent buyers and a limited number of additional pre-registered buyers.

Additional “Pre-registered buyers”, must have a genuine intent to purchase and will need to register through their preferred agent by 5pm the day prior to the sale.

Persons being granted entry to the saleyards automatically acknowledge that from time to time throughout the sale, Local Law Officers may ask them to move along or to increase their distance between themselves and others to ensure that social distancing requirements can be managed satisfactorily.

Council would like to remind the community that the following rules and considerations for attending the saleyards will continue until further notice:

  • Only agents, essential staff and permanent buyers will be allowed entry.
  • Additional "Pre-registered” buyers will need to register by 5pm the day prior to the sale through their preferred agent. There will be a limit to the number of additional buyers allowed to enter the sale and they must have a genuine intent to purchase.
  • The main access gate will be manned and each person entering will need to provide their name and contact details and sign a health declaration.
  • Only one buyer representative per buyer account will be permitted on the premises i.e. no families, couples, children etc
  • No Children or minors will be admitted
  • Persons observed to be unwell may be refused entry or asked to leave the premises
  • Social distancing will be monitored and enforced by Council staff and Local Law Officers throughout the sale

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