Black soil plains

Black soil plains

The soil in these lowlands is heavy black clay, highly fertile, but also erodible and difficult to work in overly wet or dry conditions. In gardening situations, many species from forest and scrub areas can grow in the black soil plains, where they are protected from winds, dry and frost in early years. The dominant Eucalypts were River Red Gum along the river, and Forest Red Gum and others further away from the river. There were many grasses, such as Queensland Blue Grass, Kangaroo grass, Barb wire grass, Scented top, Forest Blue Grass, native Bamboo grass, Weeping rice-grass, Poa tussock and native Sorghum grass. In open situations, such as paddocks, the more hardy species adapted to open conditions and heavy soils will have better survival rates. Not all plant species can tolerate heavy clays.

Locations include: 
The main valley along the Condamine River and Glengallan Creeks, including Junabee, Killarney flats, Freestone, Wheatvale, Clintonvale, Allora lowlands, Toolburra Plains. Also includes Victoria Hills, Talgai, Ellinthorpe, Allora, Berat, Goomburra, Pratten, Wheatvale, Warwick, Gladfield, The Hermitage, Murray Bridge, Tannymorel and Emuvale.

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