Civil Issues & Disputes

Disputes between parties Council is unable to assist with

Council is unable to assist with neighbourhood nuisances and complaints which are civil matters.  The following types of matters are civil matters and Council has no legislative powers to  intervene:

  • Water flow problems caused by the natural lay of the land, or from overland flow
  • Disputes about fences and trees
  • Crime in the neighbourhood and noisy neighbours
  • Tenants rights and disputes 

Please first consider that your neighbour may not be aware they are causing a nuisance or safety issue for either themselves or the public. 

Where possible and safe to do so, you should first speak to your neighbour to try and work together to resolve the problem. 

If this not an option, or the matter continues to be an issue for you, thQueensland Government provides a free neighbourhood mediation service to help resolve disputes.  Read more about the services Queensland Government provides for resolving neighbourhood disputes.

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