The system used by Council for backflow prevention device registration and compliance

What is BackFlowID?

BackFlowID(powered by is the system used by Council for backflow prevention device registration and compliance.  BackFlowID is a secure, interactive asset tag that simplifies the requirements for registering each testable backflow prevention device.

How does BackFlowID work?

A licensed plumber with backflow prevention accreditation scans the BackFlowID tag. The device details are provided and the tester’s GPS location is checked against that of the device. Annual test results can be uploaded directly. Key benefits include:

  • real-time data
  • interactive platform for customer, Council and plumber
  • automatic scheduling of annual testing (optional – customer’s choice)
  • automatic test results to owner, Council and plumber
  • email notifications

How do I get a BackFlowID tag?

The BackFlowID tag will be attached to your device/s by either Councils' plumbing inspector or your plumber. The tag is free and will be attached during your next annual test. Be sure to speak with your your plumber about the BackFlowID tag prior to your next annual test.

What you need to do:

  • Mention the BackFlowID tag to your plumber when scheduling your annual backflow device testing.
  • Remind the plumber to attach the BackFlowID tag to your device/s at the time of testing.
  • Advise your preferred email and contact details to to allow renewal notices to be emailed.

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