Council commits to future stages of saleyards redevelopment

21 Jun 2024 |
21 June 2024

Southern Downs Regional Council has reaffirmed its commitment to continuing upgrades of the Warwick Saleyards and supporting the region’s biggest industry by funding minor variations to the existing works and future stages that improve the facility’s workplace health and safety standards and animal welfare standards.

Following the successful completion of Stage 1 and with Stage 2 commencing, Stage 3 concentrates on the sheep yard upgrades while Stage 4 will improve access to animal loading ramps and build new car parking. In response to user requests, Council will also fund the splitting of the 120 selling pens in Stage 1 into 240 pens to increase head numbers as well as making changes to the Stage 2 pen layout.

In resolving the motion at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 19 June 2024, Southern Downs Mayor Melissa Hamilton said she looked forward to more works progressing at the saleyards for the economic benefit of the region.

“The Warwick Saleyards are a vital part of the region’s livestock industry and Council’s ongoing investment reflects our dedication to fostering the economic growth of our agricultural sector,” Mayor Hamilton said.

“While we have not been able to fund all of the agent requests, Council will continue to seek external funding through other Government sources.

“These latest budgeted works reaffirm Council’s vision for a thriving and sustainable future for the region and supports our broader commitment to attract more business to the facility.

“By continuing to upgrade the facility as budget and funding becomes available, we acknowledge that the Warwick Saleyards are a vital hub for livestock trading and economic prosperity for our producers.”

New Council funded works at a glance
• Splitting 120 new selling pens in half via a new gate and adding 120 new troughs, creating 240 pens in total
• Pen layout adjustments to Stage 2 to accommodate agent requests
Stages 3 and 4 works include a sheep yard with soft shade over fat lamb area, a new administration office for the sheep yards, NLIS equipment, light pole reprofile and gravel hardstand in front of ramps, demolish Z yards and create a gravel carpark* (*Will be submitted for funding through the Queensland Government Works 4 Queensland Program).

Upgrades to-date for the $7.5m Warwick Saleyards Redevelopment Project have been co-funded by the Federal Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant Program and Council.

In addition and following requests from stakeholders, Council has funded an additional $1M in variations for Stage 1 including the provision of structural posts for a future roof and other ancillary works.

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