Let’s sort out illegal dumping

02 Nov 2023 |
2 November 2023

Southern Downs Regional Council’s waste education warrior, Sort-It Sally wants to keep our region clean and beautiful, and she is calling on the community to help sort out illegal dumping on the Southern Downs.

With more than 30 wheelie bins worth of rubbish illegally dumped each month across the region, it’s time for residents to see it, report it, stop it.

Sort-It Sally said reporting illegal dumping was about being a good community citizen and ensuring that ratepayer dollars are not unnecessarily wasted on paying for avoidable clean-up bills.

“Illegal dumping is messy, unsightly and wrong! It presents serious environmental, health and safety impacts by polluting our region’s pristine environment and making our picturesque landscape look untidy and uncared for,” Sort-It Sally said.

“Illegal dumping also is a considerable financial and resource burden for Council, businesses and the community.

“Each and every one of us has a responsibility to keep our region clean and beautiful, and I encourage anyone who sees illegal dumping or littering to see it, report it, stop it.”

Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi said that each year, illegal dumping diverted Council resources from meaningful jobs for the community.

“Cleaning up illegal dumping is expensive and diverts Council resources from more critical and beneficial jobs – time and money that could benefit other community services and amenities,” Mayor Pennisi said.

“Let’s put a stop to roadside littering and illegal dumping. Let’s see it, report it, stop it.”

Littering is the unlawful deposit of less than 200 litres of waste and illegal dumping is the unlawful deposit of 200 litres or more of waste.

Council’s Regulatory Services Team has a dedicated officer investigating illegal dumping across the region, however if you witness someone littering or illegally dumping, please contact Council on 1300 697 372 to report an incident. Penalties may apply to an alleged offender if there is sufficient information to identify them.

Visit https://www.sdrc.qld.gov.au/living-here/environment-water-waste/pollution-neighbourhood-nuisances/littering-illegal-dumping for more information.

Last edited date 22 Nov 2023