Litter and Illegal Dumping

Littering & Illegal Dumping

Reporting illegal disposal of household rubbish, garden waste, building & commercial wastes

What is illegal dumping? 

In Queensland, the unlawful deposit of any amount of waste is an offence, and penalties apply. Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of any type of waste material that is 200 litres or more in volume (about the volume of a wheelie bin). Illegal dumping can occur in many areas including:
  • bushland, parks and forests
  • roadsides
  • outside of charity bins and shops
  • on the kerbside (outside of collection time)
  • incorrect locations at waste facilities (not in accordance with site directions).

Common illegally dumped items include:

  • household rubbish
  • garden waste
  • household goods (such as whitegoods, TVs, mattresses and furniture)
  • building waste (construction and demolition materials)
  • tyres
  • chemical drums and paint tins
  • asbestos.

Littering is the unlawful deposit of any type of waste of an amount of less than 200 litres, whilst illegal dumping is more than 200 litres.

Dumping is damaging the Southern Downs

Illegal dumping is a serious issue. It damages our environment, and affects the use, enjoyment and value of our public spaces. There is a cost to Council in cleanup expenses—money that should go to other community services and amenities. Dumping green waste and soil can also introduce invasive pests and weeds, and increase the risk of bushfires.

Report Dumping

You can report illegal dumping on the MySDRC App.
Pin the location and add photos of the waste to the report. Make sure you get as many details as you can, including:
  • time, date, place and description of waste
  • registration number, make/model, colours, or distinguishing features of vehicle
  • description of the person making the offence (including location in vehicle, clothing, gender).

If it is safe, take photos, but for your own safety don’t approach the person depositing the waste.

Further Information

For more information, download Council's Fact Sheets on illegal dumping and illegal dumping of green waste.

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