Another digital win: Council’s Disaster Dashboard revamped

04 Feb 2022 | Promotion

4 February 2022

As the community’s critical point of truth during disaster events, Southern Downs Regional Council’s online Disaster Dashboard has undergone an important revamp to enhance the one-stop-shop experience for users.

With a strong focus on promoting disaster preparedness, key upgrades to the platform include the introduction of additional interactive information links to increase user engagement and understand the necessary steps to prepare ahead of disasters and what to do during an event.

Council’s Local Disaster Coordinator Michael Bell said the enhancements were integrated to increase community resilience through improved preparedness and awareness.

“We can’t ignore the fact that is our region is prone to natural disasters such as bushfire and flood however the reality is we can all take ownership and responsibility for how we prepare ahead of time for these inevitable events,” Mr Bell said.

“Council is acutely aware of the importance of being prepared and in assisting the community by providing access to the right information through our Disaster Dashboard.

“The online platform has been revamped to include new interactive functions with additional links to important resources to keep the community informed and safe during emergency situations.”

The dashboard’s newest functions include:

  • Get Ready Southern Downs ( is an electronic booklet, which contains important material and interactive information and links in one handy location. The material and links contained within the electronic booklet provide current information to assist users prepare and get ready for future disasters.
  • Get Ready- Spin the Wheel ( is a fun and interactive webpage that allows users to ask the “What If” around what they should do if the unexpected happened.

“The whole family can participate in exploring these great interactive tools, and through playing spin the wheel and paging through the interactive guide, we hope to foster more community engagement with the dashboard so that residents are familiar with it and can easily navigate their way to find critical information during an emergency,” Mr Bell said.

Find the Disaster Dashboard at for information on current weather warnings, local road closures, power outages, emergency news, map layering and river heights.

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Last edited date 24 May 2022