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drought picThe Southern Downs was drought declared in May 2018 following extremely dry conditions and little to no rainfall for many months.

While we can’t make it rain, there are other ways our farmers can be supported through this incredibly tough time. Information and links to a number of government and community drought-assistance and financial support programs are below for farmers who are adversely affected by drought.

Latest News:

Queensland farmers will see their irrigation water prices remain the same or fall next year due to a price freeze. For full details click here. (5 May 2020)

Animals in drought

The ‘Animals in drought’ portal is a vital resource when seeking information on how to care for, feed and manage animals when facing drought, and how to prepare for future droughts. The portal has a variety of essential tools and resources regarding options for consideration when land managers have to make critical decisions about the future of their animals and their pasture resources.

COVID-19 Agency & Community Support Guide

The following guide has been collated of supports and agency contacts on all manner of services that may be of benefit to you or someone you know during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  This guide is relevant to individuals, families, carers, schools, community groups, and service organisation and includes specific phone numbers, website and after hours contacts in addition to a description of the tools and support available.


Drought Community Support Initiative - Round 2

The Salvation Army is working to deliver the Drought Community Support Initiative (DCSI) for eligible drought affected households across the Southern Downs. 

If you're a farmer, farm worker or farm supplier/contractor who is struggling financially because of the drought, you may be entitled to receive a one-off payment of up to $3,000 funded by the Australian Government’s Drought Community Support Initiative - Round 2 (DCSI).  Payments can cover numerous expenses such as groceries, vehicle maintenance, energy & utility bills, and health & medical expenses.

To be eligible you'll need to be over 18, an Australian citizen or permanent resident, and live/work in a specified Local Government Area (LGA).

There are two ways to apply. Either call the application line on 1300 551 030 or visit for the online application. Both options are available 24 hours of every day. 

Training Programs

TAFE Queensland offers a variety of Rural Support Training Programs which may be fully funded for eligible participants. More information can be found here.

For more information on how to access assistance please click on the following links:    

Financial Assistance - how to apply for funds

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Where to Donate

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