Local Disaster Management Plan

The Local Disaster Management Plan (PDF 976.7KB) has been developed by the Southern Downs Local Disaster Management Group to provide comprehensive emergency management of disaster events within the Region. 

Sub Plans

Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for Council Dams

For the approved EAP for Council owned and operated dams (Connolly Dam and Storm King Dam) please visit the Dam Safety page on Council's website.

Southern Downs Community Recovery Plan

Southern Downs Regional Council is committed to facilitating the recovery and reconstruction of the Southern Downs in the wake of the Australia Day 2013 flooding.

As part of this commitment, Council released the Southern Downs Community Recovery Plan 2013 (PDF 1.6MB) which outlines the region’s needs and priorities for community, economic and environmental recovery and reconstruction following the disaster events of January 2013.

This recovery plan is a roadmap for the recovery and reconstruction of our communities affected by the floods. Each strategy put forward in this plan highlights the community priorities for recovery in a broad sense, providing a framework for action on matters that must be done now as well as those which influence the future of the Southern Downs.

Through our recovery, our legacy will be a strengthened, more resilient and improved Southern Downs region, united into the future as an even better place to live, work and play. 

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