Yangan bores decommissioned and water allocation retained

Yangan bores decommissioned and water allocation retained

10 June 2021

Despite the recent rain water security investigations are ongoing across the region, and Southern Downs Regional Council yesterday voted in its Ordinary Meeting to decommission six unviable bores in Yangan and retain the area’s 40 ML allocation water licence.

The decision comes after condition assessments and pump testing of the used infrastructure by consulting engineers GHD in 2020 found that the existing bores could not meet the required three step drawdown tests.

During systematic testing commissioned by Council, both bores had drawn down the water level of the pump inlet and the water level failed to recover enough to continue pumping.

The consulting engineers recommended that decommissioning the bores would protect the integrity of the aquifer and ensure the bores would not be considered for future water supply.

Southern Downs Councillor Stephen Tancred said that today’s decision would allow Council to move forward and investigate other bore options for the local region.

“Council is unwavering in its commitment to identifying and implementing viable water security measures that feed into our existing and future infrastructure,” Councillor Tancred said.

“Prior to the testing at Yangan, Council had historical performance and records that indicated the existing bores may not perform as required, however given the systematic approach and being fully informed, it was considered important to have accurate data in this instance.

“We continue to undertake investigations into all current water security options and are exploring future avenues.  All our investigations will serve the purpose of drought-proofing the region.”

The retained 40 ML water allocation may be used at new bores in the future to supply town water. Council would be able to seasonally assign or permanently transfer part or all of the water licence to a new bore, provided it took water from the same aquifer, subject to assessment by the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water.

Bores were also tested in Allora and Killarney and further test drilling due to commence soon in Warwick.

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