Acacia Avenue: Changes to traffic flow

Acacia Avenue: Changes to traffic flow

29 July 2021

A six-month trial of one-way traffic flow will commence along a busy section of Acacia Avenue between Percy and Wood Streets from Monday 30 August following safety concerns.

An increase in traffic along the narrow residential avenue and a petition raised by residents prompted Council to review the current traffic conditions and subsequently implement the traffic-flow changes.

During the trial period, traffic will enter Acacia Avenue only from the Percy Street junction and exit into Wood Street. Traffic exiting car parks from the St Mary’s Primary School and church must turn left in order to exit Acacia Avenue at the Wood Street end. The impacted area will be appropriately signed to guide traffic during the trial.

Southern Downs Councillor Andrew Gale hoped the new traffic conditions would address the community’s concerns and lead to the safest outcome for all parties.

“Ultimately the safety of road users and local residents will drive Council’s final decision following the six-month trial period,” Councillor Gale said.

“Council will continue to closely monitor traffic conditions over this period in order to evaluate the effectiveness of one-way traffic along this section of Acacia Avenue and we will also reach out to local residents with a survey to gather additional feedback.

“We ask that as changes occur, all road users in the local area take note of the new conditions and follow the direction of signage.”

Council received a petition signed by each of the residents along the western frontage of Acacia Avenue between Percy and Woods Street at its Ordinary Meeting in June 2021, after which a review of the traffic conditions occurred.

Council voted in favour of the trial at its meeting on 14 July 2021 and consultation with the school and church to finalise the new traffic control conditions has been completed.

Much of the current issues surrounding Acacia Avenue traffic flow stem from the history of the town’s lane ways which were originally purposed for night soil lanes and designed as narrow.

Council thanks the community for their patience and cooperation during the trial.

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