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Keep water usage down as weather warms up

11 September 2020

Southern Downs and Granite Belt residents know a thing or two about water saving tactics. As we begin to enjoy warmer weather and sunny days, Southern Downs Regional Council reminds residents that the drought hasn’t broken yet and cautions to prepare for a hot summer.

While patchy rain has fallen across parts of the region and our gardens are looking a little greener, water continues to be trucked to Stanthorpe. Extreme Level water restrictions of 120 litres per person per day still apply across the region for users accessing drinking water supplies.

Portfolio Councillor for Water Stephen Tancred said the start of spring is an opportune time to review water saving habits and rethink how we use water.

“Unfortunately much of our region is still in the grips of a severe drought and summer is just around the corner which usually sees a higher demand for water,” Cr Tancred said.

“Our water supply remains a precious resource and Extreme Level water restrictions play a vital role in sustaining and conserving the region’s water.

“As temperatures increase, now is the ideal time to review water usage habits and consider new avenues to reduce our water consumption.

“There are many small but savvy ways we can all collectively help preserve our water and get the most out of every drop. For example, while we are not allowed to water our gardens during restrictions, water can still be captured inside the home and reused on gardens and pot plants.”

If planting new gardens consider choosing natives that use less water and mulching to reduce the need for watering.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Council remains focused on ensuring continuity for water and wastewater services across the region.

“It’s business as usual and residents can rest assured that provision of drinking water and sanitation services will continue as normal,” Cr Tancred said.

“Council continues to monitor water consumption and applauds residents and businesses for being mindful of their water use.”

As the weather warms up, it is important to understand what Extreme Level water restrictions mean for you. For more information on water use, water saving tips and dam levels visit

Extreme Level water restrictions of 120 litres per person per day apply to all treated town water supplies delivered to the household tap or supplied by a water carter. Water restrictions also extend to communities supplied drinking water by bores in Dalveen, Pratten and Leyburn.


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