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Council continues precautionary approach following test results

15 September 2020  

Test results have confirmed the small amount of material found at Australiana Park last week to be bonded asbestos. While not deemed to pose a safety risk to park users, Southern Downs Regional Council will still undertake precautionary remediation work at the location.

A Council spokesperson said: “We are confident that all material present on the ground has been removed and there is very minimal risk to the public. However given the popularity of the park with residents and visitors, Council is taking a cautious approach and removing the top soil from the area immediately around where it was found.” 

“A qualified asbestos contractor will remove the soil and dispose of it and the site will be remediated by capping and covering with mulch and tree plantings.” 

Council was contacted by a local resident last week through Facebook to report the material found at Australiana Park. Qualified and trained officers immediately took proactive steps to manage the issue. The site was thoroughly inspected and fragments removed on the same day the issue was reported. Testing of the samples were commissioned and the area clearly marked and fenced off as a precautionary measure, pending the results.

The area will remain fenced off until remediation works are completed.

We wish to remind residents to contact Council by phone on 1300 697 or email at to raise matters or concerns that require an immediate response.

For all the latest Council news and information, visit Alternatively, call 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372), email

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