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Get in quick to access the water tank rebate scheme

22 January 2020 

Due to the overwhelming positive take up by eligible residents of the water tank rebate and the impact on Council’s budget, today during the January General Council Meeting, Councillors made a tough decision to place the water tank rebate scheme on hold for the remainder of the financial year.

The Water Tank Rebate Scheme will come to a conclusion for this financial year at close of business on 31 January 2020.

Key Information and Dates

§  The water tank rebate scheme for this financial year will cease at close of business Friday 31 January 2020

§  Tanks ordered by close of business 31 January 2020 are still eligible to be claimed

§  When claiming, eligible ratepayers will be required to show proof of order demonstrating they ordered the tank on or before 31 January 2020

§  Due to delivery timeframes, Council has allowed a grace period for applications to be lodged

§  Council will allow a 2 month period, up until 31 March 2020, in which applications can be lodged to access the water tank rebate

§  When claiming, eligible ratepayers will be required to show proof of payment demonstrating payment has been made on or before 31 March 2020 for both the purchase of the tank(s) and plumbing necessary for the installation of the tank(s)

Applications submitted after 31 March 2020 will not be entitled to receive a rebate this financial year. The re-introduction of the tank rebate scheme from 1 July 2020 will be considered during the development of the FY2020/21 Budget.  

Council has supported eligible residents through the Water Tank Rebate Scheme for the past three (3) years.  During this time over 850 residents have participated in the scheme which has increased the water capacity of private homes by more than 15 million litres throughout the region. This increased storage capacity also means residents have an extra reservoir of water available to them, reducing their need to rely solely on the reticulated water system.

There has been a dramatic increase in the take up of the tank rebate scheme in the last six months that has impacted on Council’s budget.  When coupled with the decreased income to Council’s Water Business due to lower water sales brought on by critical and extreme water restrictions the scheme needs to be put on hold for this financial year.

Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Tracy Dobie said she was very impressed by the way residents have embraced this scheme.

“To increase the private water capacity of the Southern Downs Region by 15 million litres is a magnificent achievement”

“Residents have been so dedicated to preserving water during this drought and I have no doubt that the installation of these tanks will assist in the conservation of our region’s water supply as a whole” said Mayor Tracy Dobie.

Residents are encouraged to stay up to date with the latest SDRC news by visiting , by calling 1300 697 372, or by following SDRC social media pages.

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