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Regulations regarding election signage

5 February 2020

With local government elections on the horizon, it is important that candidates are aware of and abide by the rules governing election signage.

Election signs are managed by local government, and in the Southern Downs electorate, the Southern Downs Regional Council regulates election signage through its local laws to ensure signs meet prescribed criteria and do not present a danger to road users or a nuisance to the general public.

When erecting signage, candidates need to consider the location, display period, construction and placement of their election signage.

Some key issues for candidates to be aware of include:

·         Candidates may display election signage prior to the notice of election being published and must remove signage within seven days of the date of the election.

·         Signs must not be erected on Council land or Main Roads, including road verges, gardens, parks or traffic islands.

·         Signs may be placed on private property with the permission of the owner.

·         Signs must not be affixed to road signs, traffic lights, power poles, light poles or other infrastructure.

·         Signs must not have a face area exceeding 1m2.

·         Signs may be displayed on vehicles, however if signs exceed 1m2, they must be approved by Council.

·         Vehicles displaying election signs must not be parked on Council land, including Council car parks.

·         The placement of an election sign must not cause a safety hazard to other traffic (for example, pedestrians or cyclists). 

Council has a fact sheet on election signage on its web site and encourages all candidates to familiarise themselves with the rules. 

Council officers will monitor election signage in the Southern Downs Council area for compliance with the local laws and may remove signs that do not comply.

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