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Region Information

The Southern Downs Region is a Local Government Area located in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia, along the state's boundary with New South Wales. 

It has an area of 7,120 km2, a population of 35,996 (2010) and a density of 5.05569/km2

It was created in 2008 from a merger of the Shire of Warwick and the Shire of Stanthorpe.


The Southern Downs Region began as five separate entities: the City of Warwick and the Shires of Allora, Glengallan, Rosenthal and Stanthorpe.

The City of Warwick came into being as the Warwick Municipality on 25 May 1861 under the Municipalities Act 1858, a piece of New South Wales legislation inherited by Queensland at its separation two years earlier.

On 21 July 1869, the Municipality of Allora was established under the Municipal Institutions Act 1864.

On 11 November 1879, the Clifton, Glengallan, Stanthorpe and Ballandean Divisions were created as part of 74 divisions within Queensland under the Divisional Boards Act 1879.  On 23 June 1880 Ballandean Division became part of the Stanthorpe Division.  The first meeting of the Council of the Shire Of Stanthorpe was held in April 1903.

Rosenthal_Division_March_1902In 1886, Rosenthal was created out of parts of Glengallan.

With the passage of the Local Authorities Act 1902, Warwick and Allora became Towns and the four Divisions became Shires.

On 23 January 1915, the Town of Allora was abolished and a new Shire of Allora was created from the southern part of the Shire of Clifton.

On 4 April 1936, Warwick was proclaimed as a City.

On 21 November 1991, the Electoral and Administrative Review Commission, created two years earlier, produced its second report, and recommended that local government boundaries in the Warwick area be rationalised. The Local Government (Allora, Glengallan, Rosenthal and Warwick) Regulation 1994 was gazetted on 20 May 1994. On 25 June, an election was held for the new Shire of Warwick, and on 1 July 1994, the original entities passed out of existence. Stanthorpe was unaffected by these changes.

In July 2007, the Local Government Reform Commission released its report and recommended that Warwick and Stanthorpe amalgamate. It noted that Warwick was the regional centre for the region, with the maximum travelling time between Warwick and any other town being one hour. Both councils opposed the amalgamation citing cultural differences and different river catchment areas and economic drivers. On 15 March 2008, the two Shires formally ceased to exist, and elections were held on the same day to elect eight councillors and a mayor to the Regional Council.

Towns & Localities 

Main Centres 

  • Warwick
  • Stanthorpe
    Other localities

    Allan  Goomburra
    Pikes Creek
    Allora  Hendon Pratten
    Amiens Junabee  Rosenthal Heights
     Applethorpe  Karara  Severnlea
     Ballandean  Killarney Somme
     Dalcouth  Kyoomba  Swanfels
     Dalveen  Leslie Dam  The Falls
     Diamondvale Leyburn The Summit
     Elbow Valley  Lyra  Thorndale
     Ellinthorp  Maryvale  Thulimbah
     Emu Vale  Messines  Tregony
     Eukey  Mingoola Wallangarra
     Gladfield Mount Colliery  Womina
     Glen Aplin  Palgrave  Wyberba
     Glengallan  Passchendale  Yangan
     Glennie Heights Pikedale  

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