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Permanent Water Saving Rules - 200 litres per person per day

Outdoor watering and cleaning of hard surfaces is permitted and can only occur during the following allocated times:

  • May –September: 7am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm
  • October – April:     6am – 8am and 5pm – 7pm

Residents can water established lawns and gardens within allocated times using:

  • Water efficient sprinklers
  • Fixed irrigation systems
  • Hand-held hoses (only when fitted with a trigger nozzle)
  • Buckets and watering cans

Garden sprinklers must be a minimum 3 star rating and used in conjunction with a timer.

  • Maximum use of a water efficient sprinkler is 20 minutes on any one day where outdoor watering is allowed.
  • Sprinklers can only be used in accordance with scheduled outdoor watering times.
  • Use of efficient sprinklers must comply with Efficient Irrigation for Water Conservation Guidelines

Residents can clean windows, mirrors and lights for safety at any time of day using hand-held hoses, buckets and high pressure/low volume water cleaning units.

Residential cars, boats, caravans, trailers and bikes can be washed during the permitted outdoor watering times using hand-held hoses (with trigger nozzles), buckets or high pressure/low volume water cleaning units.

Flushing of boat motors or vehicle brakes to maintain safe operation must be done on grassed areas where practicable.

New and existing pools and spas can be filled and topped up. Pool covers must be used to comply. Water play pools and toys may be used.

General cleaning of timber decks, windows driveways, pathways, house and roof painting preparation, solar panels, entertainment areas, outdoor furniture and paved surfaces is permitted with hand-held hoses, buckets and high pressure/low volume water cleaning units.

Hand-held hoses can only be used for cleaning and watering when fitted with a trigger nozzle and are leak free.

For further information please contact Council on 1300 697 372.

30 March 2021

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