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'Horsepower' refers to the many horse and motor sports that take place in the Warwick district. 

The late Col Furness, sports journalist and hard-working volunteer, first suggested in his Warwick Daily News sports column that Warwick should be known as the 'Horsepower Capital of Australia'.

The logo is an abstract combination of shapes which can be interpreted in several ways to represent the many and varied sports under the ‘Horsepower’ umbrella.

Horse sports are represented by the abstract ‘hoofprints’ in red, as well as the black oval ‘arena’ in which many show events occur. The black oval section with dashes is also reminiscent of the horseshoe with its nail divots.

Motorsports are represented by the black oval ‘track’ and the white dashes which can be interpreted as road markings (for touring car events) or tyre treads. The use of red ‘crescents’ also indicates fast movement around the track.

Red and black have been chosen for their energy and power, for the place that those colours play in traditional motor sports, as well as for the brightly coloured silks and banners used in some horse sport sectors.


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