Valuing Water

Our goal is a resilient and independent water supply system that meets current and future community, economic and environmental needs

Water is an essential resource for our community, economy and environment. Water Resources in the Southern Downs are often impacted by prolonged water shortages caused by drought. While rainfall is highly variable, a decline in spring and winter rainfalls is predicted for Southern Downs into the future.

Water for our townships, businesses and agricultural industries comes from a variety of sources including major dams, stream flows and groundwater. A key focus for Southern Downs is how to use our water system more efficiently and identify opportunities to increase our supply and secure our independence.

We share our water supply with the environment. Water is essential for maintaining our local river and wetland health, as well as sustaining our native plants and animals.

Over the last few years, we have worked hard to reduce demand for water in our homes, business and for our parks and gardens. There are significant opportunities to treat and recycle stormwater and town water. As our climate changes and our community grows, we need to continue having pragmatic conversations with our community regarding water limits, water availability and how we can increase our supply.

Our community aspirations

  • Improving the achievement of water restrictions
  • Increasing the efficiency of domestic and industrial water use
  • Water independence.

Our Council trend indicators

  • Reducing water use by Council owned assets and infrastructure
  • Increased water efficiencies
  • Use of recycled water infrastructure.

Our strategies

  • Reduce Council's building assets and infrastructure potable water use
  • Manage Council's parks and gardens to be water efficient
  • Acknowledge and encourage homes and businesses to be more efficient with town water use
  • Facilitate the provision of stormwater, recycled water and greywater infrastructure for homes and businesses
  • Promote local successes and experience in water use efficiencies in agriculture
  • Increase regional water security

Local Case Studies

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