Disclosure Log - Right to Information Applications 2019-2020

RTI Disclosure log

Our Disclosure Log provides details of documents released in relation to RTI applications (where they do not contain personal information).  It describes what was requested, what was released and where the information released was located.

Application No

Decision Date

Information Sought

Information Released

Location of information

Released in full/part

RTI/126 23/09/2019 Any previous correspondence with SDRC in regards to caravan park at 175 Wallace Street from 1 January 2014. Emails, Letters, photos, complaints, licence renewals, file notes ECM, Outlook 181 pages in full and 40 pages in part  
RTI/127  05/08/2019 A formal notice of objection to the application for a temporary entertainment event lodged on 20 June 2019 to host an event at Cherrabah Resort on 21-24 November 2019 received from Qld Police Service sent to Southern Downs Regional Council.   Letters, email  Outlook 6 pages in full and 3 pages in part
RTI/128  12/09/2019 Documents and information regarding Southern Downs Regional Council discussion with Qld Governmen relating to Warwick Solar Farm project and Terrain Solar.  Emails  Outlook 9 pages in full
RTI/131  22/08/2019 All internal and external emails relating to an incident in Council carpark Warwick, relating to an email titled "Council carpark incident" subject of an email sent to applicant on 14 August 2019.
Emails  Outlook 6 pages in full and 1 page in part
RTI/132  12/09/2019  Updated log of complaints provided under RTI/116 being complaints made against applicant or spouse of applicant in relation to  property at 187 Wallace Street  or vacant land at Bracker Rd. Additionally any other complaints in relation to grass verge in front of property at 187 Wallace Street from 2014 to present. Emails, Merits, Letters  Outlook, ECM 28 pages in part
RTI/133  12/11/2019 All internal & external documents, email, meeting dates, phone records, file notes, ECM & Archieved, complaints reports from 1st Jan 2015 to present.  Emails, Letters, Tax Invoices  Merit, ECM, Outlook 304 pages in full; 32 pages in part and 22 pages refused
RTI/136  25/11/2019  All correspondence in reltation to the planning process for Warrego Farm Campgrounds, Junabee.  Letters, Emails Development Application  Outlook  41 pages in full and 31 pages in part 
RTI/140  17/04/2020  All complaints regarding Janowen 4WD Park - April 2004 to February 2020.  Emails, Letters  Outlook, ECM 17 pages in full and 70 pages in part
RTI/141  15/04/2020  All documents and plans relating to  relocation of a dwelling at 14 Cedar Street, Killarney.  Emails, DA Application  Outlook, ECM 79 pages in full (23 of these pages are via alternate method - due to copyright)  21 pages in part 
Minutes of the Saleyards Advisory Committee 29 August 2019 & Warwick Saleyards Master Plan Report. Minutes
ECM Minutes - 5 pages in full, partial access to 3 pages - Warwick Saleyards Master Plan
RTI/142 15/06/2020  Details and dates of complaints made in relation to a compliance notice issued by Southern Downs Regional Council - Compliance Notice Number 9192 dated 19/05/2020. 
Emails , Merits, Compliance Notice ECM, Merit, Outlook 4 pages in full and 47 pages in part
RTI/143 30/06/2020  "Killarney Concrete, Acacia Street, Killarney 4373 -SP144662 - Approval to operate and associated documents". DA Application, Email, Letters Outlook,ECM 51 pages in full, 16 pages in part
RTI/145 06/08/2020  "A report from GBIP consultants, Badu Consulting (dated 10June 2020) detailing the outcomes of hydrological modelling for the water allocations fro the dam, with the aim of reaching the nominal volume of 3,900 ML availability at 90% water allocations from the project".  GBIP Report
SDRC Network Drives 10 pages released in full
RTI/146 30/07/2020  "Photo images of a Baguley Transport Truck on the 1st July between 7:30 and 8:00am. Camera image at Locke St at said time. Camera image at top roundabout on High St at said time. Any footage available of Baguley Transport Truck at said time".
CCTV Footage
SDRC IT Section
Approximately 2 minutes of CCTV footage taken from the Locke Street camera in Stanthorpe released on DVD


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