Disclosure Log - Right to Information Applications 2018-2019

RTI Disclosure log

Our Disclosure Log provides details of documents released in relation to RTI applications (where they do not contain personal information).  It describes what was requested, what was released and where the information released was located.

Application No

Decision Date

Information Sought

Information Released

Location of information

Released in full/part



Emu Swamp Dam funding and business studies

Emails between state, federal, local governments and Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce


All 232 pages released in full

07/09/2018 Complaint to Council regarding operational and/or earthworks at 49 Melrose Rd, Killarney Record of complaints
ECM and Merit

1 page in full and 4 pages in part

A log of complaints that have been made in relation to property situated at 187 Wallace Street or adjoining vacant block of land on Bracker Road

Logs of complaints
ECM and Merit 4 pages released in part


Documents relating to illegally dumped asbestos at Council waste facilities.

Emails, media statements and releases, internal emails

ECM, Merit and Outlook

30pages released in part; 10 pages released in full.

Building applications for 1254 Hermitage Emu Vale Rd. Lot 14 ML1652

Building application from 1981

2 pages released in part; 9 pages released in full

RTI/123  05/06/2019  Requesting emails regarding sub-division 163-165 Warner Street Rosenthal Heights Emails, IDAS Form 1 & 7  Outlook  254 pages in full by email; 17 pages via aleternate method; 8 pages in part
RTI/125  28/06/2019 Request for information on works being undertaken on property Melrose Station Emails, letters Outlook 155 pages in full; 50 pages in part & refuse access to 5 pages


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