Council's Policies and Procedures

Council's Policies and Procedures

For any enquiries on Southern Downs Regional Council Policies and/or Procedures, please contact the Governance Department on 1300 697 372.

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Document: Investment Policy PL-CS018 761
Document: Legal Representation for Councillors and Employees Policy PL-CS081 99
Document: Library Home Delivery Procedure PR-CS074 523
Document: Library Membership Procedure PR-PE25 785
Document: Library Public Internet Use Procedure PR-PE26 1510
Document: Media Relations Policy PL-EX004 389
Document: Non Current Asset Accounting Policy PL-CS015 118
Document: PR-CS084 Public Art Procedure Aug 2021 102
Document: Private and Minor Works Credit Policy PL-CS020 62
Document: Procurement Policy PL-FA010 172
Document: Project Decision Framework Policy PL-CS080 79
Document: Provision of Transport Network Policy PL-IS111 306
Document: Public Art Policy Aug 2021 PL-CS107 80
Document: Public Interest Disclosure Policy PL-CS091 187
Document: Rate Concessions Policy PL-FS076 1022
Document: Rate Exemption by Resolution Policy PL-CS062 896
Document: Reimbursement of Expenses & Provision of Facilities for Councillors PL-CS024 365
Document: Related Party Disclosure Policy PL-FS025 238
Document: Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drone) Policy PL-CS103 2070
Document: Revenue Policy PL-CS013 750
Document: Risk Management Policy PL-GV061 216
Document: Roads and Places Naming Policy PL-IS092 81
Document: Rural Water Tank Rebate Policy PL-SD089 91
Document: Social Media Policy PL-EX082 89
Document: Southern Downs Youth Policy PL-CS077 83
Document: Supplementary Rates Policy PL-CS014 818
Document: Trade Waste Management Policy PL-IS070 98
Document: Unreasonable Customer Conduct Procedure PR-GV24 323
Document: Use of Roads Policy PL-IS110 292
Document: Wild Dog Bounty Payment Policy PL-SD066 157

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