Council commends Anthony Henry for his service to community

13 May 2024 |
13 May 2024

Southern Downs Regional Council is pleased to formally recognise and acknowledge Karara community champion Mr Anthony Henry for his valuable contribution to the local community.

Mr Henry is renowned and well respected in Karara for his tireless and selfless commitment to lending a helping hand to those in need, and his community service was recently honoured with a Certificate of Appreciation.

Southern Downs Councillor Joel Richters said local heroes remind us how important small communities are to the fabric of our region.

“In many villages and communities across the Southern Downs, you will be able to identify that one person who stands out as being a beacon of compassion and kindness,” Councillor Richters said.

“Anthony’s willingness to go out of his way for anyone in his community who needs help has not gone unnoticed and I’m honoured to be able to recognise his compassion and kindness on behalf of Council and our region.”

Local resident Ken Maynard wrote to Council on behalf of the Karara community, saying Mr Henry’s actions were valued and without comparison.

“We acknowledge him as a quiet and unassuming man who has assisted all of us whose names are on this submission, and many more,” Mr Maynard said.

“He unfailingly, and without complaint or refusal provides wood in winter, support for locals when ill, cares for our stock and performs any chores required by the many elderly in the community at no cost.

“This man is a pillar of strength for us all. Mr Anthony Henry is valued by us all and his contribution to the community of Karara is without comparison.”

Last edited date 13 May 2024