New contractor appointed for Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery and Library Expansion Project

21 Feb 2024 |
21 February 2024

Southern Downs Regional Council has taken the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery and Library Expansion Project works out of St Hilliers hands and appointed a new contractor to continue the balance of works for the project following the recent placement of the company into voluntary administration on Monday 5 February 2024.

In response to the suspension of works onsite, Council has taken swift and proactive measures within the contractual framework to advance the project in the community’s best interests. A show cause notice was immediately issued for substantial breaches under the contract and this notice ended on Monday 19 February 2024.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Dave Burges said Council worked efficiently to minimise the downtime following the setback and the project is again on track.

“Following a thorough and diligent contractual process, Council has progressed the project and appointed a new contractor to continue the balance of works,” Mr Burges said.

“While navigating the contractual matters, Council has also been working on solutions in the background to minimise downtime and we are still well positioned to deliver the project close to the forecast completion date.

“Pleasingly, the timely appointment of a new contractor gives the opportunity for some changes to be made to accommodate the iconic Apple and Grape Harvest Festival starting on Friday 23 February 2024.

“The new contractor will have some heavy lifting to do offsite in the first few weeks, investigating the works, checking compliance, and most importantly, assembling the required subcontractors to finish the project.

“Council looks forward to working with the new contractor to resolve outstanding issues and delivering this exciting project that will reflect the thriving nature of Stanthorpe’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

“The new gallery and library precinct will contribute to greater liveability of the Southern Downs and this expansion further enhances the services on offer by providing the library’s $1m collection of books with a better home and the art gallery’s circa $3m art collection with a storage solution that minimises the risk of fire damage.”

Last edited date 21 Feb 2024