Guidelines for election signage: ensuring compliance and safety

21 Feb 2024 |
21 February 2024

Ahead of the 2024 Local Government Elections, Southern Downs Regional Council wishes to remind candidates to familiarise themselves with the local laws and regulations governing election signage to ensure compliance and community safety.

Election signage is any sign or display that identifies candidates for the 2024 Southern Downs Local Government Election.

Council will investigate complaints when received to ensure election signage across the region is installed in accordance with the requirements set out in Subordinate Local Law 1.4 (Installation of Advertising Devices) 2011.

Council’s Chief Executive Officer Dave Burges said these regulations play a crucial role in maintaining a fair and informed democratic process during local government elections.

“Candidates should familiarise themselves with these guidelines to ensure their election signage adheres to the prescribed criteria and does not pose risks to road users or inconvenience the public,” Mr Burges said.

“Candidates need to consider the location, display period, construction and placement of their election signage when installing.”

Candidates should be aware of the following key issues:
• The election sign must be kept in good order and repair.
• The election sign must not be located on local government property including trust land, a reserve, premises of which the local government is the owner or occupier or a Council asset.
• The election sign must not have a face area in excess of 1m2, unless the sign is displayed on an approved advertisement.
• The election sign must not constitute a risk to public safety, road safety or obstruct the use of a road or pathway. There are several criteria provided in the Subordinate Local Law 1.4 to ensure this requirement is met, including the positioning of signs.

Election signs on state-controlled roads must comply with the requirements as outlined on the following Queensland Government website:

For more information regarding the placement of election signage or use of Council controlled areas, please review the factsheet at

Last edited date 18 Mar 2024