Free showerhead and sprinkler upgrades for waterwise residents

08 Sep 2023 |
8 September 2023

With predictions of a dry summer, Southern Downs Regional Council is offering free water efficient showerheads and sprinklers through its residential water saving device exchange program to help the community continue to reduce water consumption and be waterwise.

Director of Environment and Planning Scott Riley said the program is a timely reminder to residents connected to the reticulated network to not become complacent about the importance of sustainable water saving practices.

“During the recent record-breaking drought, we all learnt excellent tips for conserving our region’s precious water supply and many members of the community continue these practices today as part of their daily lives,” Mr. Riley said.

“Approximately 40% of household water is used outdoors and showers account for around 34% of household water usage, so it’s good practice to swap old showerheads and sprinklers for our free water saving devices.

“The reality is we are one day closer to the next drought, and we all have a responsibility to remain waterwise and manage our water consumption sustainably.

“Exchanging your old showerhead or sprinkler for Council’s free water efficient devices is an easy way to save water, help the environment and save money as well.

“Council’s residential water device exchange program is a win-win for ratepayers and the region because it helps us all manage the region’s water supply.

“Council continues to address the region’s water security through a number of drought resilient projects, with smart meters being rolled out across the Sothern Downs following the successful installations in Stanthorpe, and progress being made on the remediation works at the Connolly Dam reservoir.”

It’s easy to swap your old showerhead or sprinkler!
• Make sure you are eligible for this program by checking that your property is connected to the reticulated network.
• Complete the showerhead or sprinkler exchange form at Free Waterwise Resources - Southern Downs Regional Council (
• Take your old showerhead or sprinkler and completed form to either our Stanthorpe, Warwick or Allora Customer Service Centre where Council will replace it for FREE!

Last edited date 22 Nov 2023