Proposed speed changes – Rosenthal Heights, Warwick

Proposed speed changes – Rosenthal Heights, Warwick

15 July 2021

Population growth around Rosenthal Heights has prompted a review of speed limits in the area due to safety concerns raised by the community.

The area around Schoch Road, Glen Road, Mardon Road, Everest Road, Campbell Road and Lyndhurst Lane were found to have inconsistent speed limits and with an increase in traffic volumes on these roads, the inconsistencies were proving to pose a safety risk.

Southern Downs Regional Council was prompted to complete a speed review in accordance with Part 4 of the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) and after taking into consideration the target road width and speed limits in similarly populated areas, a speed limit of 70km/h was found to be the most suitable for the majority of the area.

Following the Speed Management Committee (SMC) approval, Council will now procure and install 70km/h signage in the area with Glen Road and Dight Road remaining at 80km/h due to suitable traffic conditions on those roads.

A Council spokesperson said that Rosenthal Heights is populated by a large number of rural residential blocks and with many property owners transporting horses on the roads, a broader approach to traffic management in the area needed to be taken.

“There are steep gradients in the area and feedback from residents towing horse floats indicated that they require a speed limit of at least 70 to 80km/h to be able to build enough momentum to climb the hills,” the spokesperson said.

“When a trial of 60km/hr was introduced some years ago, the feedback was that vehicles had to continually change down gears and some vehicles caused a dangerous situation when stalling on the uphill. The area was then returned to an 80km/h zone and there are no known issues at this time.

“The current speed limit of 80 km/h is thus appropriate for feeder roads like Glen Road and Dight Road, but roads that are more densely populated will be demarcated as 70km/h zones.”

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