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Non-friable material removed from park as precautionary measures and investigations continue

8 September 2020

Further to yesterday’s media release about non-friable material at Australiana Park suspected to be asbestos, Southern Downs Regional Council wishes to provide an update on what work has been immediately undertaken and to reassure residents of the status and steps being taken. We understand that residents may be worried or want more information so are providing a further update to help allay any concerns or misinformation.     

Qualified and trained officers inspected the site yesterday and again walked the whole site today to check for any additional pieces. Approximately four to five pieces of the material, each roughly the size of half a credit card, were removed yesterday. Today’s site inspection did not result in officers finding any more pieces.

Council wishes to advise residents that the non-friable material suspected to be asbestos at Australiana Park has now been collected and removed by asbestos-trained Regulatory Services officers and precautionary measures and investigations are ongoing. All collected material was bonded and not-friable, and therefore if found to be asbestos is not considered to pose any significant risk to park users.

Council was alerted to the issue yesterday after being contacted through Facebook by a member of the community who saw the material on the ground. Council would like to take the opportunity to thank this member of the community for their diligence and reporting the matter, we appreciate it. Once Council was aware of the issue, officers then immediately attended the site and cordoned the area as a precaution while the material was removed and inspections carried out.  

It is standard practice as part of this investigation to send the found pieces for laboratory analysis. Council expects results to be back by the end of the week.

As a precautionary measure only, the area will remain cordoned off until the results are received and a confirmed management approach is identified. 

Investigations into the source of the material will be undertaken dependent upon the outcome of the results. Council will continue to keep the community informed as more information is available.

If residents want more information about what non-friable asbestos is and the laws regarding its handling, investigation and disposal, Council recommends visiting$File/asbestos-feb13.pdf.

We wish to remind residents to contact Council by phone on 1300 697 or email at to raise matters or concerns that require an immediate response.

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