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Dedicated community member honoured as bridge and circuit namesake

19 October 2020

In recognition of her tireless and dedicated service to the region and community, former Councillor and Deputy Mayor Mally McMurtrie has been honoured as the namesake of two new community amenities at Quart Pot Creek, Stanthorpe.

The recently completed pedestrian bridge at Gleeson Park will be named ‘McMurtries Bridge’ and the running circuit used for parkrun ‘Mallys Way’ after Southern Downs Regional Council voted unanimously in favour of the motion at the Ordinary Meeting on Wednesday 14 October.

Southern Downs Mayor Vic Pennisi said Mally is highly respected in the local community and a strong advocate for the region.

“This is fitting recognition for Mally’s outstanding public service and selfless contribution to the community over the years,” Mayor Pennisi said.

“Her record is unbelievable and we can’t begin to mention the unknown work she did in the background. When you begin to unpick Mally, she is an absolute friend to everyone.

“I fully support this motion and it’s an honour to pay tribute to Mally in this way and celebrate her service to the community.”

Councillor Jo McNally said it was a privilege to move the motion.

“Mally has always been exemplary in everything she’s done. She was a great role model for me when I started on Council ten years ago. She actually encouraged me to join the Australian Local Government Women’s Association of which she was as life member and was given the award when our Council hosted the State Conference,” Councillor McNally said.

“She has done lot for the community over the years and is a quiet and tireless worker for the Stanthorpe community and it’s great that she can be remembered now and into the future for Stanthorpe and the Southern Downs.”

Mally’s political career spanned 17 years serving as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor for Stanthorpe Shire Council and a Councillor for Southern Downs Regional Council. Mally has also served on various boards and committees in the Stanthorpe area over the years and has always put the interests of Stanthorpe and its citizens before her own.

When Mally was informed of Council’s decision, she said: “My heart melted. Thank you for what you have all done.”

Her husband Dave saw a humorous side to the honour and suggested that his wife might be able to introduce a toll now that she has a bridge in her name!

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