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Council’s 2020/21 Budget aims to support community

22 July 2020  

At the Wednesday 22 July Special Council Meeting, the Southern Downs Regional Council adopted the 2020/21 Budget.


This much anticipated Budget has been the topic of discussion within the media and throughout the community. In part because the Southern Downs and Granite Belt have been hit hard by drought, bushfire, and most recently, the COVID-19 global pandemic. But also because this is the first budget to be released by the newly elected Councillors. This Budget sets the direction for Council for the coming 12 months.


This Budget showcases Councillors’, Council’s, and the community’s focus on supporting residents as the region heals and rebuilds.


Southern Downs Regional Council Mayor Vic Pennisi said that the budget was a collaboration between Councillors, staff, and the community that reflected the vision for upcoming 12 months.


“Councillors and staff have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that this budget includes as many projects to stimulate businesses within the region while still remaining modest and fiscally responsible,” said Mayor Vic Pennisi.


“Our challenge has been in balancing a conservative budget with the need to stimulate our local economy and provide new infrastructure.


“Additionally, Council has heard a record number of community submissions. This year we received and reviewed 55 submissions from residents and community groups. Last year by comparison, we had 43 submissions. It is really great to see the community getting involved in this process.”


The 2020/21 Budget includes a zero percent rate rise for the first six months of the 2020/21 financial year, planned new and upgraded infrastructure in our smaller communities and townships, and one of the largest Capital Works Programs of $42.18m.

In response to the pandemic, Council also released a raft of economic initiatives in April to relieve financial pressure on the community as part of a multi–pronged approach to support the region’s recovery.


The first stage of COVID-19 Economic Relief Package offered immediate relief on rates, fees and charges to support residents and local businesses.


The 2020/21 Annual Budget can be found on Council’s website at


For more information on Council news, visit Alternatively, call 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372), email, or use the MySDRC app.

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