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Council seeks to streamline short-term grazing permits

22 January 2020

Southern Downs Regional Council today voted at the General Meeting to endorse a submission to the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy to streamline the management of short-term grazing permits for Southern Downs landowners.

This follows a State Government review of the Queensland stock route strategy and regulation in May 2019 when Council advocated for easier access to grazing permits for landowners.

Economic Development, Regional Promotion and Tourism Rod Kelly said that Council was responding to the needs of landowners during ongoing drought conditions.

“It has been a long time since I’ve seen mobs of cattle move through the region. Council understands that it is important to provide much needed relief during dry times to landowners but currently has little flexibility in administering short-term grazing,” said Cr Kelly.

“Council’s submission reflects changing times and new challenges, and acts in the interest of landowners facing drought conditions.”

The current State legislation governing use of the stock route network places strict limits on how and when grazing permits may be issued as the primary use of the stock route network across Queensland is for travelling stock. Council is subject to the same rules as those Queensland Councils which receive large numbers of travelling stock annually, even though there is a reduced level of travelling stock usage on the Southern Downs..

Council’s submission to the review is based on the primary use of the stock route network, which includes all roads, in the Southern Downs being for short-term grazing.

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