Full-time water carting date announced

Full-time water carting date announced

2 January 2020

Southern Downs Regional Council today announced that full-time water carting to supply water to Stanthorpe and surrounds would commence on Monday 13 January 2020 from 6am.

Based on the daily use of 1.3ML per day, 14 vehicles will cart up to 42 truckloads of water from Connolly Dam into the two x one mega litre tanks at Storm King Dam.

Emergency water restrictions of 80L per person per day came into effect on Thursday 19 December 2019 when Council commenced partial water carting. Emergency water restrictions will remain in place until further notice from Council. 

Water from Storm King Dam and Connolly Dam is currently blended at the Mt Marlay water treatment plant over the past few weeks. Blended treated water is currently supplied to Stanthorpe residents connected to town water supply.

Once full-time carting commences, water used to supply the Stanthorpe reticulated water system will consist solely of water transported from Connolly Dam.

Residents of Stanthorpe and surrounds may notice a variation in the taste of their water. This is normal and expected when changing from one water source to another.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie said Australia’s largest water carting project by a local government would swing into full flight after a seamless three week transition period.

“Council promised the community we would not run out of water. The initial stages of water carting went extremely well and without incident. We will now move to full-time water carting to provide water to the Stanthorpe region,” said Mayor Tracy Dobie.

“We still have a long way to go and the drought has not broken. Council will continue to work behind the scenes to secure water for our region with mid and long term strategies.”

This emergency water carting project is fully funded by the State Government and will cost up to $800,000 per month.

All residents throughout the Southern Downs and Granite Belt are reminded to remain vigilant with their water usage and are required to reduce water usage to 80L per person per day.

If residents are unsure about which activities are permitted under emergency water restrictions or would like to access water saving tools and tips, they are encouraged to contact Council on 1300 697 372 or visit www.sdrc.qld.gov.au. Information on water supply and storage is updated each Monday on Council’s website.

Council’s website site also includes a water usage calculator to assist residents in monitoring their water usage. Ideally residents should read their meter at the same time each week to calculate their water usage. By calculating and monitoring usage, residents may also be able to detect any unexpected leaks in the form of sudden usage jumps or usage disproportionate to daily activities.

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