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Backpackers' Information

Labour Hire Providers 


In Queensland, labour hire providers must be licensed and businesses must only use licensed providers for labour hire.  You can search the online register to check whether a labour hire provider is licensed.

Visit to:

  • check if a labour hire provider is licensed
  • findout about your rights and entitlements at work
  • report a problem if you have concerns at work or if you think a labour hire provider may be operating without a licence.

For more information visit or call 1300 576 088.

Your safety

Wherever you travel you need to look out for your own personal safety and security. This also applies when accepting work and entering accommodation arrangements. 

While most employers and landlords do the right thing, there is a minority that set out to take advantage of adventurous, trusting and vulnerable people - this is the same wherever you travel in Australia. 

It is not unusual if your employer asks to see (or even takes a photocopy of) your passport to check that your visa permits you to work in Australia. 

The following actions are not acceptable and should be reported

  • Insisting on holding onto your passport while you stay or work with them 
  • Insisting on more than one week’s rent in advance 
  • Paying a “finder’s fee” for work 
  • No pay after one week’s work (allow a couple of days for processing) 
  • No payslip supplied on request 
  • Deductions from your pay that have not earlier been agreed to (tax must be deducted by law)

We want your time in Southern Downs to be enjoyable and productive. Your feedback, both good and bad will assist Southern Downs Regional Council to work with operators and help to deliver the best possible experiences.

Payment for work

Rates will vary depending on the type of work. Most will pay by the hour, but some may pay on quantity picked. Working holiday makers are entitled to the same pay and conditions as Australian workers - contact Fair Work Ombusdman (FWO) on 13 13 94 or with any specific pay enquiries including hours of work.


Within the Stanthorpe area the following lawful accommodation exists:

  • backpacker hostels  
  • houses within the CBD licensed for short term accommodation 
  • caravan parks 
  • hotels/motels

Paying for accommodation in cramped or overcrowded conditions is not acceptable in Australia and there are laws to prevent this from happening.  If you are placed in accommodation where you do not feel safe you are encouraged to notify Southern Downs Regional Council or Queensland Fire and Emergency Services on 13 74 68 and report the address and number of occupants.

Fire Safety in share Housing

A shared house is any residence with two or more people that isn’t the family home and a budget accommodation building is a type of building or share house where six or more unrelated people live and share toilet/bathroom facilities.  A Fire Safety Management Plan must be implemented in all budget accommodation buildings.  Visit for more information on fire safety risks to occupants staying in shared housing.


The work is repetitious and tiring and often undertaken in hot conditions. You need to be reasonably strong, fit and active.

Personal Protective Equipment

You need a small brim hat that protects your head and neck from the sun. Long sleeve shirt, hard-wearing pants, solid boots or shoes, sunscreen, water bottle, enough food for the whole day and insect repellent.  If you have any concerns for your safety in the workplace please contact 1300 362 128 and report your concerns.

Reporting a problem

To report a problem please contact Council or lodge a Service Request.

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