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Water Storage Levels

Leslie Dam

The majority of Warwick's water supply is taken directly from Leslie Dam.  Leslie Dam is approximately 12 km west of Warwick and is located on Sandy Creek.  Leslie Dam supplies drinking water for Warwick, Allora and Yangan.  Leslie Dam also supplies irrigation water for crops grown in the local area.  Leslie Dam has a catchment area of 603km2 and is owned and managed by Sunwater.

Connolly Dam

Connolly Dam is approximately 15km south of Warwick and is supplied by Rosenthal Creek.  Connolly Dam has a catchment area of 134km2 and is owned and managed by Council.  Connolly Dam is used at Council's discretion to supplement drinking water supplies.

Storm King Dam

Storm King Dam is approximately 8km south-east of Stanthorpe and is supplied by Quart Pot Creek.  Storm King Dam is owned by Council and has a catchment are of approximately 91km2.  Storm King Dam is the sole supply for Stanthorpe's urban supply network

Last updated 11 November 2019

Water Source Maximum Capacity
Current Volume
% Full
Leslie Dam  106250 5578 5.25%
Connolly Dam 2157 665 30.7%
Storm King Dam  2065  309 15.0%

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