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Water Security - FAQs

Water Security

Has Council decreased pump pressure to reduce flow to save water as a way to control quantity?

How will Council fund water cartage if the region runs out of water? Won't this burden the ratepayer?

I'm concerned about the thousands of visitors who will visit the region for our major events. Won't this put a lot of pressure on our water supply?

Is drinking recycled water an option to help reduce demand on water supplies?

Should the community be concerned about running out of water?

What are Council's long-term plans to ensure water security in the future?

What are the State and Federal Governments doing to assist the region/community with its water supply?

What is Council's plan for long-term water security? Why hasn't Council built or considered building another dam in the region?

What options are available if we need an emergency water supply?

Where will the water come from to supply the residents of Stanthorpe if dam levels continue to drop?

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