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Water Device Exchange Program

Swap your Sprinkler

Following the adoption of permanent water saving rules from 30th March 2021, outdoor watering is now permitted on established lawns and gardens.  If residents wish to use a sprinkler to water lawns and gardens they must use a water efficient sprinkler for no more than 20 minutes a day during the following allocated times:

  • May – September: 7am – 9am and 4pm – 6pm
  • October – April:     6am – 8am and 5pm – 7pm

See Permanent water saving rules for further details.

Council has re-launched its residential sprinkler exchange and residents can now SWAP their old sprinklers for new and water efficient ones.

Swapping your water sprinkler is easy!

Complete the sprinkler exchange form (see link below or available at SDRC Community Contact Centres).

Residential Sprinkler Exchange form (PDF 199.3KB)

To be eligible to take part in the exchange program, residents must provide evidence their property is connected to a reticulated (town) water supply with proof of address.

Take your old sprinkler and completed form to either the Stanthorpe or Warwick Community Contact Centres where Council will replace it for FREE!

Using water efficient devices is just one of many simple things that people can do to save water.

Swap your Showerhead! 


* This short clip demonstrates the difference between using a 3 star WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rated showerhead (blue water) compared to a showerhead with no restrictor (red water). Each black line on the bucket represents one litre. 

SWAP your old showerheads for water efficient ones – for FREE!

Installing water efficient devices is one of the easiest ways to improve water efficiency. It will also reduce your water and energy bills and your environmental footprint.

The showerhead exchange program is now available to all residents and businesses located within the Southern Downs region. For bulk exchanges, please contact Council beforehand to confirm supplies are in stock.
Many showerheads are already flow restricted. Please check your flow rate from your showerhead before bringing it in to swap. You can do this by catching the warm up water using a bucket. Time how long you are catching the water for and see if the volume captured equates to 9 litres per minute or less. If it is, your showerhead is already water efficient. 

Council has 3 star WELS rated showerheads available as part of the swap process. These water saving showerheads use 9 litres per minute. The current showerheads will operate at the designated flow rate as stated, 
with the maximum and minimum dynamic pressure range of 150 to 500 kPa as per WELS licence 0046. Please note that this showehead may not be suitable for use with gravity-fed water heaters, low and unequal pressure supply networks, 
instantaneous water heaters, tempering valves and thermostatic mixing valves.

Download and complete the Showerhead Exchange Application (PDF 618.7KB) before removing your showerhead and seeking a water efficient replacement from your local Council administration.

How to participate

Step 1 - Complete the showerhead exchange form.

Step 2 - Remove your old showerhead using a spanner - see the step by step instructions below.

Step 3 - Take your old showerhead, proof of address and your completed form to Council’s Warwick or Stanthorpe Community Contact Centers.

Follow our step by step instructions to replace your showerhead:Showerhead_Exchange

  1. Make sure the shower taps are off! Remove existing showerhead arm (turn counterclockwise), using a spanner and cloth if needed. Do not force it - you may damage the wall.

  2. Clean the thread of supply outlet with steel wool or a stiff brush and dry the area thoroughly.

  3. Wind about six rotations of teflon tape around the supply outlet. Keep the outermost thread clear of tape.

  4. Place flange over supply outlet.

  5. Attach showerhead to the arm. Screw new showerhead arm onto supply outlet (turn clockwise to tighten).

Dos and Don’ts of Changing Your Showerhead

  • Don’t reverse the screwing action as it will break the Teflon seal.

  • Always use a spanner and a cloth to fix the showerhead. Don’t use the actual shower arm as it may break.

  • Make sure you don’t over tighten the shower arm as you may damage the wall or plumbing fittings.

  • If you have difficulty with any of the above steps call a plumber.

  • If you have gravity fed hot water service or an older instantaneous hot water service, you may need to seek assistance from a plumber.

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