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Water Consumption

Water demand from customers has a major influence on our water sources. This includes dam levels, stream flows and bores.

Extreme level water restrictions are currently in place across the region with the target rate of consumption set at 120 litres per person per day. 

Council reviews the water consumption of both residents and commercial operators after each meter read. This often results in an adjustment in the percentage of the total volume used by residents and businesses. The table below indicates that water consumption for some water supply schemes currently exceeds the residential target. Good falls of rain across the region in December corresponded with reduced water usage.

Water Supply Scheme Residential 
Target l/p/d
Res Consumption
l/p/d - Dec 2020
Res consumption
l/p/d - Nov 2020 
Res consumption 
l/p/d - Oct 2020
 Stanthorpe  120 152   167  164 Decreasing
 Warwick  120 158  159  159 Decreasing
 Killarney  120 189  211  187 Decreasing
 Wallangarra  120 133  172  138 Decreasing
 Allora  120 139  151  148 Decreasing
 Dalveen  120 122   138  94 Decreasing
 Leyburn  120 126   130  122 Decreasing
 Pratten  120 170  207  181 Decreasing
 Yangan  120 92  131  87 Decreasing

What can I do?

As the weather continues to warm, Council wishes to remind residents to be mindful of their water use within the home. Savings made now extend the time we have to draw water from our major storages.

We can all contribute to saving water. Council has lots of tips and tools available to help residents be more water efficient. These include the sharing of Waterwise behaviours, information on how to read your water meter to monitor your household consumption and a simple leak detection checklist to make sure you have no leaks around the house. Fixing leaks around the house is another way to save water and save money on your bills. 

Every action makes a difference. Let's work together to conserve our most precious resource.


Residential Water Consumption



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