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Water Consumption

Water demand from customers has a major influence on our dam levels.

Critical water restrictions are currently in place across the region with the target rate of consumption set at 100 litres per person per day. Residents throughout the Southern Downs continue to work towards achieving the target amount and consumption levels have dropped since water restrictions have been adopted. Savings made now extend the time we have to draw water from our major storages.

Council is working with both residents and businesses to reduce water consumption.

What can I do?

We can all contribute to saving water. We have lots of tips and tools available online to be more water efficient, either by following the Waterwise behaviours and choosing water efficient appliances when upgrading household items. Fixing leaks around the house is another way to save water and on your bills.  

Together we can make a big difference in conserving our most precious resource.


Residential Water Consumption



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