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Permission to Water New Turf

New turf

New turf is considered lawn grown by a commercial turf supplier, which is then purchased by a customer and transplanted at another location.

A permit is required when new turf requires watering regardless of the water source.

It is important that residents submit this request 14 business days prior to purchasing turf to enable adequate time for Council to review the application and to provide a response. 

Download the form to apply for permission to water new turf (see link below) or lodge a service request online.

As of 30th March 2021, permanent water saving rules apply throughout the Southern Downs, with a residential target water use of 200 litres per person per day.  Outdoor watering of lawns is permitted for 20 minutes per day within allocated times depending on the season. Water efficient sprinklers, fixed irrigation systems or hand held hoses fitted with a trigger nozzle may be used in conjunction with a timer. 

When using tank water from your property we do ask that you remain water vigilant and only water as required in the coolest parts of the day.

When watering new turf via tank water please put up a notice indicating you are using your personal tank water supply to avoid any confusion.

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