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Water Saving Guides

New Guideline: Active Playing Surfaces

The Queensland Government has developed a guideline for establishing and maintaining water efficient active playing surfaces. The guideline provides a good foundation for designing, installing and maintaining outdoor irrigation systems for large scale water users such as golf courses, active playing surfaces and council parks and gardens.

The guideline also provides a number of recommendations and suggestions for water conservation and irrigation efficiency that can be incorporated into irrigation systems at any time. This includes how to determine the irrigation rate of the irrigation system; how to determine the irrigation application rate and the ideal irrigation run times. Also included are checklists, audit suggestions and details on the steps involved in the preparation of base irrigation schedules. 

You can download and read the full efficient irrigation guidelines (PDF 6MB) for more detail.

Residential Guides

Being waterwise at home (PDF, 931.3KB): provides simple tips on how to conserve water inside and outside the home.

Being waterwise with your swimming pool and spa (PDF, 161.9KB): provides information about pool covers, maintaining water levels, backwashing, leaks and pool design.

Detecting leaks and reading your water meter (PDF, 418KB): explains to residents how to check for leaks and read their water meter to reduce water consumption and save money.

Home water audit (PDF 3.2MB): provides a simple audit checklist and water usage calculator.

Home waterwise quiz (PDF, 1002.5KB): includes a quick and simple quiz enabling residents to easily analyse how they use water around the home.

How to be waterwise (PDF, 835.4KB): a brochure depicting quick tips to save water.

Rainwater tanks (PDF, 155.6KB): tips and advice on getting the best from the tank.

Residential evaporative air conditioners (PDF, 299KB): explains how to minimise the amount of water used.

Water saving tips for your garden (PDF, 258.6KB)

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