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Water Saving Guides

Being waterwise at home (PDF, 931.3KB): provides simple tips on how to conserve water inside and outside the home.

Being waterwise with your swimming pool and spa (PDF, 161.9KB): provides information about pool covers, maintaining water levels, backwashing, leaks and pool design.

Detecting leaks and reading your water meter (PDF, 418KB): explains to residents how to check for leaks and read their water meter to reduce water consumption and save money.

Home water audit (PDF 3.2MB): provides a simple audit checklist and water usage calculator.

Home waterwise quiz (PDF, 1002.5KB): includes a quick and simple quiz enabling residents to easily analyse how they use water around the home.

How to be waterwise (PDF, 835.4KB): a brochure depicting quick tips to save water.

Rainwater tanks (PDF, 155.6KB): tips and advice on getting the best from the tank.

Residential evaporative air conditioners (PDF, 299KB): explains how to minimise the amount of water used.

Water saving tips for your garden (PDF, 258.6KB)

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