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Disposal of Asbestos

Council has in place an Asbestos Management Plan for its waste management facilities.  The following Asbestos Acceptance Criteria applies for the disposal of asbestos or ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) at Council’s waste facilities:

  1. ACM is only accepted at the Warwick Central Waste Management Facility (190 Old Stanthorpe Road, Warwick) and Stanthorpe Waste Management Facility (94 Rifle Range Road, Stanthorpe).  ACM is not accepted at any other Southern Downs Regional Council waste facility;
  2. Material must be wet down, double wrapped or appropriately sealed, and clearly labelled;
  3. Stanthorpe and Warwick Waste Facilities accept a maximum of 250kg or less per transaction into the asbestos bin on-site and any packages must be able to be safely lifted by the customer OR the asbestos must be delivered in a vehicle which has the capability of lifting the packaged asbestos off and placing it into the bin without rupturing;
  4. Larger quantities (greater than 250kg) of asbestos disposed of into the asbestos cell at the Warwick Waste Facility must also be delivered in a vehicle which has the capability of lifting the packaged asbestos off and placing it onto the ground without rupturing;
  5. Asbestos will not be accepted where the system used to unload the asbestos requires the packages to be tipped onto the ground and it is likely that packages will rupture;
  6. The practice of unwrapping asbestos packages, unloading uncovered asbestos and then re wrapping asbestos onsite is not permitted;
  7. Any fibro or unknown material will be treated as ACM  (the only exemption is if the Gatehouse Operator can be absolutely certain the material is not ACM, for example, by questioning the customer and complete sentences being visible on new product advising the material is not ACM);
  8. ACM material will only be accepted at the facilities when a trained staff member is available to supervise the disposal;
  9. All disposal must be undertaken under the direction of the Gatehouse Operator and Resource Recovery and Transfer Station Supervisor;
  10. Asbestos receipt must comply with Council’s ‘Asbestos Receipt and Operations Procedure’; and
  11. Asbestos must be transported in compliance with regulated waste tracking requirements.

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